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From behind the lemonade stand to the front of the boardroom!


Imagine walking through your favorite Atlanta vendor festival. Now replace those vendors with kids and lemonade stands. However, the kids are not selling lemonade. These kid-preneurs are marketing self-designed- and- made products, and selling them from a lemonade stand they built.

Kids Mind Your Business guides budding business owners, ages 5 to 12, through the process of launching and running their own business. The program consists of three interactive workshops, and culminates with the Lemonade Stand Festival.   During the workshops, each kid-preneur explores the creative and technical side of becoming a business owner. Participants will build a lemonade stand, create a business logo and learn the basics of business finance and management. The signature event—the Lemonade Stand Festival—will feature the products created and designed by the kids themselves.

The idea for Kids Mind Your Business originated when Kami Smith’s heart daughter, Havalyn, sold her artwork outside on a makeshift lemonade stand (a picnic cooler). Impressed with Havalyn’s creative expression and ingenuity, Kami highlighted her (and her sisters’) weekly accomplishments with a Facebook post. A friend liked the post and commented, “You should bring a couple of her art pieces to the baby shower next weekend.  I support little entrepreneurs.” Kami did just that—carried three small pieces of colorful sparkly art to the shower, and sold all three to two encouraging friends.

After the sale, a rich conversation began when a friend expressed interest in her nephew developing his entrepreneurial spirit. A light bulb immediately went off and Kami said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if kids participated in a festival solely for kids, where they could sell their products to adults and really hone their business skills?” A friend replied, “YOU SHOULD DO IT, Kami” and another friend bellowed out the name “Mind Your Business!” In that moment, Kids Mind Your Business became a business for kids, by kids –where kid entrepreneurs market their favorite Kids-Do It Yourself (Kids-DIY) products, to adults, at the Lemonade Stand Festival.

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Kids Mind Your Business

Kids Mind Your Business